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Pet Sitting in River Park


Boarding your dog is a thing of the past... let me come watch them in the comfort of their own home!

I can gaurentee your pet(s) will be given plenty of attention and one on one time when I pet sit for you in your home in River Park. My overnight pet sitting in River Park includes a daily walk, feeding, picking up the mail and watering any plants. Your pet will be given the attention they deserve and your home and plants will be well taken care of! I can even take you to and from the airport! Overnight pet sitting in River Park is the best option when you are leaving town. I can gaurentee you will be happy when you return home and your pet(s) will have made a new friend that will be happy to return and watch them again! 

Does your pet need care while you are at work? I also offer dog walking in River Park. Does your dog have tons of evergy? I also offer dog running in River Park. I gaurentee I will get them tired!


Our first meeting

For a small fee, I will come to your house before you leave to go over everything. We will discuss your pet(s) normal routine, so I can stick as closely to it as possible. This is the time to discuss your dog(s) and/or cat(s) behavior around other people and animals, if your pet(s) are on any medications and also to collect a deposit if your trip is more than two nights long. I will also need a key to the house at this time, so I will not have to return to the house to collect it at a later date.                                                              

If your pet(s) don't require overnight care, I also provide pet check-ins in River Park. I can come by once or twice a day to feed/walk your dog(s), clean the litter box, change the blinds, etc. Check out my rates under "services & prices".


Call me today to book my stay!

I do require payment in full on the date of arrival. I also like to mention to my clients that it might be best to call me before your trip is booked to be sure I will be able to pet sit for you on the dates you require. If you aren’t able to do this, make sure to call me as soon as possible to make sure I can get you on my calendar. I always hate turning people away! I know there are many "pet sitting" options out there, but I can guarantee the BEST care for your pets. I will love them!

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