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Pet Sitting in Land Park


Why choose me over boarding your pet(s)?

The one simple answer I can give you is they will be given the one on one attention they deserve!  Not only will they be able to stick to their normal routine, but by having me pet sit in Land Park for you, not only will your pet(s) be happy but your house will be secure and your plants will be taken care of. Boarding your pet can be a hassle. From deciding which boarding facility is the best, transportation to and from the boarding facility and after all of that, being sure that your pet actually enjoyed their experience!  Instead of all of that, I can take care of everything. Have me come to your home and pet sit in Land Park Sacramento for you! I can even drop you off and pick you up at the airport! With that added stress being taken away, you will be able to enjoy your trip that much more! Providing professional in-home pet sitting in Land Park, Sacramento CA.


Our first meeting

Upon meeting, we will discuss your pets’ routine. What kind of exercise are they used to? Maybe it’s just a short walk. Maybe it’s a walk and fetch time. Dog walking in Land Park is always included in my overnight stay. I will walk your dog everyday! We will also go over your dog’s behavior. How do they behave around other dogs and people? Do your pet(s) take any medications? Do they get treats and are these given at certain times and how many per day? There is a lot to go over, but the reason for doing this is to make sure your pet(s) are able to stick to their usual routine. Not only do I want your pet(s) to be comfortable while you are away, but I want you to be comfortable as well! That being said, I’d like to point out that I am always available to talk/text while you are away.                                                                

If your pet(s) don't require overnight pet sitting in, I also provide check-ins in Land Park. I can come by once or twice a day to feed/walk your dog(s), clean the litter box, change the blinds, etc. 


Call me today to book my stay!

One thing I always like to mention to my clients is that it might be best to call me before your trip is booked to be sure I will not be somewhere else during that time. If you aren’t able to do this, make sure to call me as soon as possible to make sure I can get you on my calendar for overnight pet care in Land Park. I always hate turning people away! I know there are many "pet sitting" options out there, but I can guarantee the BEST care for your pets. I will love them!

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